It's going to be a short one this week, as I don't have much to report gardening wise.  It has not got more than a couple of degrees above freezing, and I've been reluctant to walk on the frosted lawns.

I did manage to cobble together a Christmas wreath for the front door.

I also replaced the planting in the boxes by the front door, as one of the two Sarcococca there had been struggling. There are now two Ilex meserveae 'Blue Princess', which has lovely small spikey leaves.  I hope these fare better than the Sarcococca.  I think perhaps overflowing guttering may have led to waterlogging and hence its demise.  The poorly one had next to no roots, whereas its pair had filled out the planter.

I did wake up one morning mid week and decide it was time to get on with the rose pruning, but 10 minutes of pottering outside soon put me off.  My fingers were frozen before I even got round to picking up a pair of secateurs.  It's simply too cold for gardening.  

Unpruned roses

We haven't had snow here, so a frosty lawn with some low Winter sunshine is the best I can offer you.
 (Note the garden furniture is still out.  It would be optimistic to think they will get used now).

One of my favourite frosty sights are the oak leaves.  There are a few Alchemilla in there too.

With a wing and a prayer I've managed to get to number 5 on my list and have just one more Six on Saturday to serve up.  I was in London last week to celebrate my birthday with wining, dining and visiting art exhibitions, but not any garden visiting as such.  I hope you will allow me to stretch the 'garden' definition to cover Highgate Cemetery, the old Victorian one, not the one Karl Marx is in.  It's as beautiful as a garden to me, with trees and architecture in harmony creating a tranquil, melancholy mood.
There are a few more pictures on my Instagram ( I saw we were doing Instagram now) which is @hortusbaileyana.

I did receive some lovely garden related gifts, but more of those next time, when I can give you a proper book review.

That’s all I have room for this week. All the Six on Saturday posts can be found on Garden Ruminations our new home from home thanks to Jim who is caretaking while the Propagator takes a break.



  1. Here too, the roses will wait, as will the fruit trees, because it's too cold to hold the secateurs. It's good to have added your Instagram: followed!

  2. Happy belated birthday, London sounds like fun. I love cemeteries and Highgate is definitely on the list to visit. Keep warm, the rose pruning will wait.

  3. Cemeteries are always a lovely place, brings one down to appreciate little plants. Kenilworth cemetery used to be my place for looking for interesting snowdrops and not suprisingly as the Fieldgate series were developed just a stone's throw away.

    1. I'm glad I'm not the only one who finds Cemeteries interesting to visit.

  4. I don't think cemeteries are a stretch at all. The one near where I grew up is still open for new use, but parts of it are very old. My father would pick quince, and there was an apple tree, and paths wandering through through. It was like visiting a park, a quiet park.

    1. That sounds very tranquil. This one was very peaceful too with few visitors.

  5. Yes, it has been too cold to stay outside for long.

  6. I love the frosted leaves photo and the wreath is very impressive indeed.


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