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 Temperatures are expected to get into the 30s again today but this morning I’ve been for a walk around the garden and it felt lovely and fresh and cool with a little mist in the air. I hope the plants have also benefited from this respite from the heat.  This is a view of the shady end of the rose garden looking towards the oak tree and the rhododendron borders it’s looking a bit autumnal   The persicaria is flowering. It’s a bit of a thug and wood happily make a move to take over the whole border but I keep a close eye on it and make sure it behaves itself.  I bought it from a NGS garden as ‘son of firetail’. They certainly had plenty of it for sake.  The roses have started to repeat flower. This is Margaret Merril just opening and looking much more like Champagne Moment.  Now back to reality with a bit of a bump. Those rhododendrons under the oak tree are suffering. I would guess they have been there since the 1970s at least and could be older. They don’t like this weather and have