As I sat down to write this the heavens opened, and while this was shortly to be followed by some lovely sunshine, there's no denying that we have left the seemingly endless hot, dry days of Summer far behind. 

There's a few leaves starting to drift down from the trees, but the overall picture still remains green.  Not for much longer I suspect.

The Knot Garden

The Rose Garden is looking all pink and purple, with Bonica' and Aster 'Kylie' and 'Dark Desire'. (They are all still 'Asters' to me as it's so much simpler to spell!)

I think all the asters are very pretty, but I do have to admit there is not much to choose between them except in terms of height.

Dark Desire is very tall.  Luckily I've got the space for it, and it doesn't seem to want to spread too wide.

Aster 'Dark Desire'

'Blue Heaven' is under a metre, so easier to find a space for.  I put it in the Long Border, although Gertrude Jekyll didn't include them there.  She had whole borders of them elsewhere. Indeed Vita Sackville West thought she had far too many of them.

Aster 'Blue Heaven'

In the Vegetable Garden, this butternut squash has grown to giant proportions despite the dry Summer.  It's a good 18 inches long.  I haven't picked it yet as I think it might be quite challenging to eat that much squash and I'm going to have to psych myself up to the task.  I think it should store OK though out of the fridge?

Another 'I can't believe it's so huge' one next.  A 'Black Russian' tomato.  You don't get many of those to the pound! 

Weighing in at over 500g

Is this the equivalent to showing off baby or kitten photos?  Little seedlings  ...bless.  Hollyhocks in black and red from saved seed.

We are still eating strawberries from the greenhouse.  They hated the heat and didn't produce anything (except runners) at all until about a month ago.  I had of course picked all the red ones and THEN thought to take a photo.

That's it for my 'roughly' Six on Saturday'.  Thanks as always to the Propagator where you'll find plenty more garden inspiration.


  1. Wow, strawberries this late is a wonderful thing. I keep butternut squashes in the fridge for ages, so your should be okay.

  2. The autumn leaves are not falling here yet but the colours are changing. You have a very nice aster collection, it's really very pretty.
    I was also struck by the enormous weight of your Black Russian tomato! I never exceeded 500 g but I was close to it ( 490g if I remember )
    Strawberries in bloom for the third time here but I won't get fruit at this time of the year ( sadly )

    1. Mr B suggested cutting a slice across the giant tomato, and sprinkling with chopped onion and parmesan. It was rather yummy.

  3. Just look at those cute seedlings,, at their little leaves, and their little roots will be growing so nicely deep into that soft nourishing soil! Butternut squash freezer really well in loose roasted chunks. Keep the skin on to roast, it comes off so easily after cooking if you don't want to eat, but it softens, so we eat it too!

    1. I know they are so sweet. Thanks for the squash tips.

  4. Impressive veg, you'll be winning the giant veg classes in flower shows at that rate. I didn't even both with squash this year, so feeble have they been for the last two.

    1. I can't see the attraction in growing giant show veg, but on the other hand ...

  5. Or make a soup! Mmmm, you can freeze part of the soup if you don't like the same soup all week for lunch.

  6. Aster 'Kylie' and 'Dark Desire' make a smashing combination. The butternut squash is impressive. We tend to cut it up into slices, skin and all, and roast them, adding them as an accompaniment with other meals for several days. As Fred says, it freezes well too.

  7. I can’t imagine ever growing a tomato so big and beautiful. We have Queensland fruit fly here which makes growing tomatoes a real challenge.
    Your asters are very pretty especially the deep hue of ‘Dark Desire’….very appropriately named!

  8. Great six. The knot garden is looking good. You can’t have too many Asters.


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