It's been a long long wait for some Summer flowers, but just like buses, they then all come at once.  I'm not complaining!  It's also suddenly got very busy out there - the bedding plants to pot up, the annuals, dahlias, courgettes and beans to plant out and loads and loads of weeding to do. Oh, and the grass is growing before your very eyes.

1. White on white

Borders are always a bit hit and miss (for me anyway).  Some plants flower too early or too late or not at all and the picture I'd hoped to create doesn't quite come to fruition.  But in this corner of the Knot Garden, a white on white composition has worked out well this year.  There's cow parsley, a white lupin, Papaver Orientale 'Royal Wedding' and plenty of White Iris.  

That pink Aquilegia needs to go though, although I will allow the forget me knots to stay.

This is Iris 'Creme Fouettee' un cadeau from Cayeux Iris. It's rather more frou-frou than I would choose myself, but it's quite fun.

2. Pink and Purple

The Alliums have been joined by Iris 'Purple Sensation' and Verbascum phoeniceum 'Violetta'.  The Iris have been a mixed bag this year.  Some have failed to flower at all, but those that have flowered have grown very tall and look so elegant.

3. Papaver Orientale 'Victoria Louise'

|Papaver Orientale 'Victoria Louise' is another plant that has grown really tall this year.  It's completely outgrown it's plant support in height and width.  Again I'm not complaining.  

It sits in this border in the Rose Garden, keeping company with some Lupins, and masses of aquilegias.

4. Yum

I'm a big Strawberry fan, particularly when they are drenched in sugar.  These Mara des Bois were my first crop of the year.  They were grown in the greenhouse.

5. Chive flowers

I grow these simply because I like the look of them, although a few chives may make it onto my plate from time to time.  Apparently (Sarah Raven's podcast again) I should be cutting them back when they flower and allowing the leaves to regrow. 

But I think the bees would miss them if I did.  I'm guessing it's a Heath Bumblebee, but I'm no expert (can't even claim to be an amateur).

6. No Mow?

I've seen mention of 'No Mow May', but not until May was nearly over, so this isn't due to that.  In the orchard, the grass has been allowed to grow long until the daffodils die back.  I love the seed heads on the grasses.

In another area of the garden, Mr Bailey has left a fringe of cow parsley among the shorter areas of grass.

That's all I have space for this week, but for more garden loveliness don't forget to check out the posts on The Propagator.



  1. Well to me it all looks magnificent! I agree with you though, the hardest part about gardening and cooking is to get everything ready at the same time. Love the frou frou, although like you I probably wouldn't chose it myself. Have a great week!

  2. I love the irises - and the frilly one especially!

    1. I've just seen that some more of the iris have opened now. I do love all of them really.

  3. Your borders are looking lovely, I think the white-on-white is real success. I adore Oriental Poppies, they always look good. I only have a bright orange-scarlet one, but I also appreciate the soft colours of your white and peach ones. Btw as I am reading this, I'm eating toast with zaatar and a fresh herb salad with chive flowers!

    1. Your breakfast sounds lovely. I had porridge with strawberries for mine which Mr B thinks is rather odd.

  4. The colour combinations in your borders look beautiful. Is that an elder in the background of the second photo of number 3?

    1. 'Is that an elder growing there?' is a phrase often heard in this garden. Thankfully the one you spotted is actually supposed to be there. It's Sambucus Black Lace.

  5. I had to laugh at your comment "I will allow the forget me knots to stay." as in my opinion you won't have a choice! They seem to self-seed with abundance. They do look pretty with all the white and I agree that pink Aquilegia needs to be moved.

  6. The 'Mara des bois' strawberries are really tasty. I also grow them in my greenhouse and ate the first ones last week. Yum !
    Just like Noelle and me, chive blossoms are booming! Bees love them…!


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