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It's going to be a quick one this week.  I've been busy primping and preening ready for the village open gardens on Sunday and I've not left myself much time to write this post.  After weeks of trying to squeeze extra things into my allotted six, I'm now going to have to be brief.  Ironic, no? Numbers one to four are the Long Border.  I've written about it before, and how I based it on Gertrude Jekyll's design for her garden at Munstead Wood.  She trained as an artist before she turned to gardening and was au fait with the latest colour theories.  She designed these borders to start with white and blue.......... Snapdragon, Delphiniums, Rue and Aruncus moving from pale to deeper yellow... Coreopsis, Achillea and Monarda Then it's on to the reds and oranges... Lychnis, Nasturtiums, Lilies before returning to yellow and then blue. Agapanthus, Clematis, Anthemis My number five spot goes to these tomatoes.  I may have found the answer to our Six on Saturday comp


The actual Chelsea Flower Show has been delayed until later in the year; along with the sunshine and warm weather it would seem.  But it is traditionally 'Chelsea week' and, to me, that means Lupins, Iris and Alliums.  The Lupins and Iris won't be at their best for a week or two yet, but ta da...

1. Allium Purple Sensation

In first place spot this week, and providing a welcome splash of seasonal colour, is Allium 'Purple Sensation'.  Some years the roses put on enough growth to hide them, but this year we get a good view.  All that New Perennial  Movement 'love your seed heads' stuff has meant that these have never been deadheaded.  Since they self seed enthusiastically, the result is an ever increasing swath of bulbs which is probably sufficient now.  

As we know, the downside of many Alliums is their tatty foliage.  I'm reliably informed (via Sarah Raven's podcast no less) that since the leaves have done their photosynthesising by the time the flower head appears, they can be removed without detriment.  

2. Cow Parsley

Number two on the Chelsea must have list is Cow Parsley.  To be fair, I think it should be Anthriscus Sylvestris 'Ravenswing' and not the common old one I have here.

More Cow Parsley grows with Red Campion around the base of the Mulberry Tree.

3. The Greenhouse

I didn't want to moan about the weather too much, but hasn't it been cold and wet and miserable?  

The greenhouse is full to the brim with Dahlias, Geraniums, Courgettes, Petunias, Begonias etc etc.  They should be hardening off and being planted outside, but I just can't do it to them.  They look too young and tender to face this cruel world.

But at least we haven't had to do any outside watering.

4. Astrantia Major

I was surprised to see the weather wasn't putting this little fellow off from flowering though.  It's another happy self seeder, but I can always find another space that needs a few of these.

5. Foliage

While we are waiting for the flowers to appear, there is always good foliage to admire.  Often over looked in favour of more obvious Six on Saturday material, I've chosen a some that seem to be enjoying the cool damp weather.

First is Heuchera 'Green Spice' 

and second is another prolific self seeder, Alchemilla Mollis.

and bringing up the rear is Lily of the Valley.

6. Clematis supports

Clematis are a lovely addition to the garden and I've been planting a few more this year.  What to grow them up though?  This is my home made solution.  The chains are there to support a climbing rose, but I wanted to grow a clematis up the post.  I've wrapped around an offcut of wire fencing and given it a coat of black paint to make it less visible.  Clematis 'Jenny' Jackmanii group will be adorning it.

 That's all I have space for this week, and I did squeeze in as many as I could.  Thanks to the Propagator as always for hosting Six on Saturday.


  1. That Heuchera 'Green Spice' is gorgeous ! I can see that your greenhouse is full of plants like mine. However, I have started to put plants outside to get them used to it. The salads are in the ground, the courgettes too. Tomatoes, cucumbers and other tender summer flowers are still indoors

    1. I'll start getting them hardened off tomorrow. It's about time really.

  2. What a clever idea for the clematis support. Love the combination of cow parsley and red campion, which is one of my favourite wild flowers. Am a big fan of alliums too, thanks for the info re leaving the seedheads to allow self-seeding, I didn't realise they would and tend to pick them to use as indoor decorations.

    1. I think Purple Sensation can spread to such an extent it gets regarded as a weed!

  3. Nice allium. Mine were terrible this year. Tiny, both the foliage and the flowers were so much smaller than usual. I yanked them out!

  4. I just love lily of the valley, and its scent too. You are a week or more ahead as regards flowering of alliums.

    1. Purple Sensation is one of the earlier ones I believe.

  5. Great Six. The alliums are a show and the cow parsley and red campion look lovely together. I hope my Purple Sensation seeds itself around eventually.

    1. I think it will! See my comment to the Nostalgic Gardner above.

  6. Much as we have enjoyed the Chelsea Flower Show over the years we feel that the entry charge is now dreadfully expensive and coupled with travel and accommodation costs it is becoming prohibitive. Perhaps the online Chelsea will be worthwhile though I always fume at the television coverage - or lack of coverage - as they seem to repeat endlessly while failing to report on many areas of the show.

    1. I had a quick look at the online offering, but didn't see much of interest.


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