The Front Garden doesn't get featured as much as the other garden areas, an omission that I thought I would try to remedy this week.

1. The Front Terrace

This is the view looking along the front of the house towards the Oak tree.  The white geranium in the nearest pot is three years old.

 2. Rosa Iceberg

This needs no introduction from me, I'm sure.  She is ignoring the Autumnal tinge to the air, and flowering away very happily.

3. Rosa Golden Showers

I think the name is a little unfortunate, but it's another rose that flowers profusely and it has the bonus of dark glossy leaves.  I don't quite like the acid yellow blooms against the warm terracotta brick, and I was going to ask what your opinion was.  However, the camera has cooled the colour of the brick and changed the flowers to a buttery yellow instead, so it doesn't look so bad!

4. Impatiens

For the first time I tried growing some bedding plants from seed.  They struggled early on, but the survivors have done surprisingly well.

5. The Green Border

This border has struggled in the last two summers.  It is dry from the trees, and gets plenty of sun which bakes the soil.  The green domes, are Hebe rakaiensis.  

6. Jobs for the Weekend

Here's Mr Bailey contemplating the Summer house roof.  It needs replacing.  He wondered if it would be cheaper to just get a new Summer house.  It isn't.  So that's his job for the weekend sorted.

I hope your jobs for the weekend are more enjoyable.  Many thanks to The Propagator as always, for hosting Six on Saturday, even when he's on his hols.


  1. The rose 'iceberg' is a safe bet. My job this weekend consists of trimming the thuja hedges. I don't know what is best compared to you... Have a nice week !

    1. I think he would rather do the roof Fred. Good luck with the hedge cutting.

    2. It took a while but it's over now ... until next year ..

  2. I rarely feature shots of my tiny front garden. I don't know why. Yours looks beautiful. I don't envy Mr Bailey re-roofing the summer house. I tried it with the shed once - it hasn't leaked since then but it was a real faff.

    1. The wood underneath has rotted round the edges which has made the job drag on and on. Hopefully won't need redoing for a good few years though.

  3. The front terrace is a lovely space - the garden urns on top of the pedestals work well with the style of the area. The Impatiens and geranium are lovely in the planters - especially in white.

    I don’t envy Mr Bailey the task ahead. My husband decided to re-felt our summerhouse roof a few weeks ago - on the warmest summer day that we had. Why? No idea. But he was on his own, and eventually needed help. So he was up one ladder and I was up the other. I was not amused. I hope the job remains firmly with Mr Bailey. Perhaps make yourself scarce for a while. :)

    1. We have a teenager at home who will help if adequately rewarded, so I'm safe ; ).

  4. The row of urns is very lovely, and indeed all your photos have a peaceful, ordered appeal. Best of luck with that roof!

  5. Love the Impatiens. I grew some pink ones last year and they flowered for months, sadly with lockdown I didn't get any this year, but they are certainly on the list for next year.


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