The garden is on a roll now.  Leaves are opening up and flower buds are forming.  Any minute now it should burst into bloom, I hope.  We've had some rain for three days in a row, which is something of  a relief for me, and the plants, after many weeks without any at all.  The ground had become as dry and cracked as in the height of Summer.

The Rhododendrons continue to be the stars of the garden this week -sit back and enjoy the show.

1. Colour Clash

Gorgeous candy floss pink Rhododendrons ............

and sweet smelling yellow Azalea Luteum ........

make a combination that Christopher Lloyd would enjoy.

2. Rhododendron Wilgen's Ruby

Luckily we have room for some more Rhododendrons, and Mr Baileyana dug out a large patch of snowberry to make room for this richly coloured variety.

3. The Rose Garden

No roses yet, but it's looking green and fulsome  The tall column on the right is Clematis Polish Spirit, which has already reached the top of its support.

4. Acers 

This combination of acers is by the side of the drive.  The freshly opened leaves are lovely.

5. The Knot Garden

In the knot garden, flower buds are forming on the lupins, peonies and iris, ready to take over from the last of the tulips - Tulip Greenland.  

6. The Greenhouse

The bench is full, which is very satisfying.  There are dahlias potted up on the right, tomato plants on the left and the younger seedlings in the middle.  The large terracotta pots under the bench will be used for the tomato plants when they get bigger.

The strawberries are flowering in the vegetable garden, and the lettuce, grown under cover, have been planted out.  Leaves from the early potatoes are poking through and will need earthing up. It won't be many weeks before things are ready to eat. 

That's all from my garden for this week.  Hopefully there will be some good gardening weather this weekend as I need to catch up on the weeding!  I hope you are able to get out and enjoy your garden too.  Don't forget to check out all the wonderful gardens on The Propagator, who kindly hosts Six on Saturday.


  1. I've said before, that's a beautiful greenhouse! You say no roses yet, I'm still looking for buds. I have healthy plants but am getting rather concerned.

    1. Mine vary depending on when I pruned them. They vary from the ones done in March which have none at all, to those I didn't prune (because they were young plants) which are nearly ready to bloom.

  2. I repeat perhaps, but the yellow azaleas are a success. I really have to buy some to plant in my garden. The acers (# 4) are breathtaking! Superb combo

    1. The scent of the azaleas is so lovely I'd grow them for that reason alone.

  3. What a beautiful garden - with such gorgeous rhodos! What is the large white flowering shrub in the middle?

    1. Thanks Chris. It'a a Viburnum rhytidophyllum as far as I know.

  4. It's looking so beautiful there - fresh and green and full of promise. The acer pairing is especially beautiful. Gorgeous.

  5. Your two azaleas are fabulous with the whites and the little touch of purples.

    The sheer beauty of acers can make me go weak at the knees - they are beautiful, and I will be watching with huge interest to see the change in your Knot Garden.

    1. I'm hopinh things will b properly out next week.


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