This week it's mostly about the snowdrops.  The buds have gradually been developing, and a sunny Thursday brought them into bloom.

Walking down the woodland path, the main drift of snowdrops is in the grassy area on the right.

Under the tree canopy the winter aconites are still flowering, and on the right are the snowdrops I moved here last year.

This carpet of snowdrops was here when we moved in.  Our only task was to try to give them a setting which would show them off.

They are just the common kind as far as I know.

With a few double here and there.

One final photo before we move on.

A few pale lilac crocus have appeared in the turf.  I'm assuming they are tomassinianus.  I rather like these, so I planted some more last autumn.  I haven't seen any signs of those yet.  

I've not spent all my time admiring the snowdrops this week.  Jobs have been done, you'll be pleased to know.  I've just planted some Mara des bois strawberry plants, and I'm already dreaming of all those delicious fruits. According to the producer's website I am promised 'aromes intenses et subtils' and furthermore 'inevitable et inimitable succes' , which can't be bad.
(I apologise for the lack of accents - I'm not sure how to do them).

For those of you who managed to get through my post on plastics last week, you will know that I'm pleased as punch that those thirty strawberry plants arrived in that one tiny plastic bag.

And I've also been planting out the bare root roses.  Not much to admire in a photo of bare sticks in a pile of earth I admit - but come the Summer I hope there will be something to show you all.

That's all from my garden this week.  Maybe not strictly a Six on Saturday, but there were a lot of snowdrop photos so I'm counting them as three of my six.   If you'd like to hear from other gardeners about what's happening in their gardens, then visit The Propagator, who kindly hosts Six on Saturday.


  1. Lovely carpet of snowdrops in your garden. This light also contributes to these beautiful photos. You seem to have a very nice garden.

    1. Thanks Fred. The sun didn't shine for long but I managed to get out with the camera.

  2. You're very lucky to have such fabulous clumps of snowdrops and aconites. It must be lovely to troll down your woodland path. I think the crocus is tomassianus. When I first moved in to my house there was a carpet of them in the orchard area and now they are literally everywhere. I read that ants spread them about.

    1. Thanks for the ID on the crocus. I'm really pleased with how the woodland path has turned out. Hope yours is coming along well too.

  3. You've been successful, giving the snowdrops the proper setting. Really lovely area of the garden now.


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