This is the last Six on Saturday for 2019.  There is already a sense of anticipation building in the garden.  The bulbs are coming into growth and buds are forming on the spring flowering shrubs.  But while there are hints of the beautiful flowers soon to come, there is not it has to be said, much to look at in the garden right now.  Or so I thought ...........

1. Winter Flowering Cherry

When I went out into the garden this afternoon with the camera, this tree was the first thing I went to photograph, hoping that it would be coming into flower - and it was.  So here are the last flowers of 2019.

I haven't got a varietal name for this winter flowering Cherry as it was already here when we came.  Its a mature specimen and the blossom can be a little sparse, but you take your garden pleasures where you can at this time of year, 

2.  Wood Aster

The dainty little dried flower heads of this aster have faded to shades of ivory and caramel.  It makes me think of a well washed Victorian cotton dress - the sort of everyday cotton prints revived by Laura Ashley in the 1970s, all delicate, muted sprigs

3. Echinacea seed heads

The Echinacea flowers have produced their seed and gradually they are being dispersed.  Some heads are still complete, some have dropped nearly all their seed and there was this one where the remaining seeds look like a ruffle of petals.

 4. Yucca Filamentosa

Is Yucca Filamentosa a 'good' plant?  Or is it just a curiosity?  

I stopped to photograph it because of its curly hair like filaments, but I do ask myself  whether it isn't just a little bit ugly.

 5. Lovely Christmas Presents

Here's some of the lovely presents I was lucky enough to get for Christmas. I'd like to take this opportunity to say a big THANK YOU for them.  I can't wait to use them all (the secateurs have already been tried out).

I hope you have also had an enjoyable festive season, in which ever way you choose to celebrate it.

6. Proper Gardening

While I was pottering around taking photos, someone was doing some proper gardening.  Just don't ask me why the leaves were being raked into a giant exclamation mark, 'cos I don't know the answer.

That's all from our garden for 2019.  May I wish you a Happy New Year and see you for the next Six on Saturday in 2020.

 Don't forget that there are many more interesting garden's featured on The Propagator.  You can find out how to join in by clicking that link.


  1. Is the exclamation point a message for aerial viewers? You may get some surprise guests this New Year's. Let us know if you'd recommend the Virginia Woolf book.

    1. I bought him H G Wells 'War of the Worlds' for Christmas - thank goodness he cleared it up in time.

      I'll let you know about the book - I'm enjoying it so far.


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