Welcome to this week's round up of what's happening in the garden.  The Six on Saturday theme is kindly hosted by the Propagator where gardening enthusiasts share six things from their garden.

1. Dahlia Garden Wonder.  It's big, bright and blousy and brings a smile to my face.

2.  The Long Border.  This is based on the one in Gertrude Jekyll's own garden at Munstead Wood and is designed to look at its best this time of year .  The Dahlia's are in full swing and the Rudbekias are still flowering away.

3. In the Rose Garden, Rosa Margaret Merril, whose flowers vary between white and very pale pink, is the main star.

4. This lone Yellow Pepper is the only fruit produced by this pepper plant.  You do wonder if it's worth all the trouble.

5. Also in the green house the tomatoes are doing great though.  After an initial ropey start where they were suffering from blossom end rot, a change of compost and watering regime seems to have made them healthier.  This variety is Roma.

6.  I used to grow Busy Lizzies ten years ago, but then they succumbed to a viral disease and weren't available any more.  I was glad to see that they are back now as they are so useful for pots in the shady area by the back door.  These have gown so well they have virtually hidden the fushia, fern and hosta that they were planted with.


  1. That long border is just glorious, and the grass....! We seldom have our lawn looking like that, maybe even never, due to lack of water. I like the way the lawn disappears through the green archway- very inviting.

    1. Thank you for your kind comments Jane. The lawn receives no special treatment from us other than mowing of course, it's greenness is due to the rainfall here. I guess the climate must be drier where you are. Have you been to Ireland at all? We were amazed at how green the grass was there.


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