Its been a rainy week, as you can see from the photos.  

1. Here is Geranium Elke.  I can't think why I haven't featured it before because it always seems to have a few flowers on the go.  I was introduced to this little gem at Barnsdale Gardens, created by the late Geoff Hamilton.  I thought it was exquisite and would make a beautiful carpet beneath the Margaret Merrill roses in the central bed of the Rose Garden.

I ordered the plants from Penlan Perennials, and very good they were too.

2. Alchemilla Mollis.  Does any plant look better in the rain than this? 
 Before I bought the Geranium Elke, the roses in the central bed were underplanted with Alchemilla Mollis.  The  Alchemilla got a bit too happy and whilst the roses looked lovely peaking through the very abundant foliage of the Alchemilla, they were in fact being smothered by it.  But nothing is wasted here and they were moved to another border.

3 Dahlias - they've been flowering for weeks.  Bishop of Auckland was in my first ever Six on Saturday on July 13th and its still performing.

Dahlias Karma Naomi behind and David Howard in front.

4. Further down the Long Border is a new plant purchase, Helianthus Lemon Queen. We visited Norwell Nurseries, in the rain, saw this plant in their display gardens and thought it would fit in well here.

5.  In the Potager the beans are nearly finished, but the courgettes are still going strong.

6.  A toadstool hiding amongst nettles by the leaf pile.  I've had a look through my book of Poisonous Fungi, but couldn't identify it.

That's all from my garden this week, but to view more fascinating gardens from round the world, visit The Propagator who hosts the Six on Saturday and perhaps share your Six on Saturday too.


  1. Lovely long border photos. I'm also grateful for the photo of Elke, I have grown that from seed this year. Still small now but will do well once I plant them out. Just have to find a spot for them....

  2. Hopefully you'll find a little corner for your Elke. I don't think they take up much room. Mine seem quite low growing so far, though I'm not sure what their eventual spread will be.


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