The weather has been beautiful this week.  It's been so dry and sunny that it seemed a shame to be indoors.  I put other activities on hold and got busy getting the garden back in shape.  It needed it as I have been away quite a bit over the summer.

1. See those sprawling lavender bushes, on the right of the picture, blocking the terrace?  They're gone.  I planted them either side of the door so that the scent could float in as we brushed past on our way in or out.  But I had planted monster giant lavender and now it wasn't possible to get in or out of the door at all.  I let it flower, because the bees love it, but now it's been dispatched to the bonfire heap.

2.  I couldn't resist a few pictures of the Rose garden looking lovely in the sunshine yesterday.  The pink rose is Rosa Bonica, which is a fairly low growing shrub rose with sprays of smallish blooms.

3. To me, it seems like there's something of the story book about standard roses.  They seem a little artificial, a little fantastical even.  These standard roses make me think of Alice in Wonderland and the Queen of Hearts ordering that the white roses are painted red.  

4. Near to the dark crimson roses is this penstemon.  I grew it from a packet of mixed colour seeds.  I hope I haven't left it too late to take some cuttings.

 5. More crimson and pink in this combination of sedum and fushias. Fushias seem a little out of fashion at the moment, which is a shame.  They are so easy to propagate and look after.  They keep on flowering and flowering and such charming little flowers they are too.  But perhaps I'm preaching to the converted?

6.  And finally another job ticked off the to do list.  This one was planting daffodils (narcissi pseudo lobularis) and crocus tommasinianus  in the orchard.  Where I had a little visitor.  


This garden diary is part of Six on Saturday, which is kindly hosted by the Propagator, where gardening enthusiasts share what's happening in their garden this week.


  1. I hope it isn't too late for cuttings, as I've just taken my own a few days ago. Love the standard roses, but it's the 2nd photo that looks fairy tale-ish to me. You've got a lovely garden & a very nice visitor, too.

    1. Good luck with your cuttings Lora. I've just taken mine today, so fingers crossed they will grow.

  2. What a beautiful garden you have.

  3. Love the sedum and fuchsia combination! Isn't it wonderful how colour combinations that one would not be seen dead wearing look fabulous in nature?

    1. I do have a fushia pink hand bag I'm very fond of, but I wouldn't wear those colours head to toe either.


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