Back from holidays after two weeks in America, to find the rose garden has started its second flush of bloom.  The white rose surrounding Mercury in the picture above is Margaret Merrill.

We started our holiday in New York and visited Boston, Newport and Cape Cod.  We did visit a some great gardens while we were there of course, and I will write a post about them.  

Nevertheless its great to be back home so here are my six for this Saturday.  If you would like to see what's happening in some lovely gardens from around the world then the Six on Saturday meme  is kindly hosted by The Propagator, where you will find links to participating bloggers.

1. The Rose Garden - (See also photo above.)  Still flowering away and showing why this is my favourite part of the garden.  These roses were planted this spring.  I just have to wait for the yew hedge behind them to thicken up a bit more.

2. The Long Border is looking very colourful.  We sat out here last night with a glass of wine and enjoyed looking at it all despite it having been blown about quite a bit in the recent weather.  

3. Dahlias Bishop of Llandaff and Bishop of Auckland photographed in the sunshine this afternoon, so the colour is  slightly bleached out.  To keep the dahlias flowering, before we went on holiday I cut all the open flowers and gave them away.  It seemed to work as we came back to this display.

 4.  Really, really tall cone flowers  - Rudbeckia laciniata.  Monty was planting these on Gardener's World this week.

5. Weeds  After I'd gone round the garden admiring all the plants that had come into flower while we were away, it was back to work.  Gardening work that is.  This barrow full was collected from one small border.  How can weeds grow so quickly?  They don't dare do this when I am here.

 6. Little honey bees (I think) on some Sedum. It's not really even in flower yet and they can't wait to get in there, bless them.


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