I've been inspired by a comment on my last Six on Saturday about white achillea to choose a  selection of white plants in flower for this weeks post.   To join in Six on Saturday visit The Propagator who kindly hosts it.

Achillea ptarmica The Pearl

1. Achillea ptarmica 

I grew these from seed a few years ago and they germinated easily.  It is a very brilliant white.  It doesn't seem to mind very dry soil.  The stems stay mainly upright but it could do with a little staking round the edges of the clump. That's all the positives.  On the down side I have read that they can spread (ie take over) although this hasn't been a problem so far in my border.

Verbascum chaxii albumn

2. Verbascum chaxii albumn

This verbascum is another plant that I've grown from seed and now its now seeding itself around in the sunny end of the Long Border.  Its a soft white with a purple centre which means it should look good next to a variety of different plants, so I'm planning to move some of the surplus seedlings into the Rose Garden where I think it would add to the romantic atmosphere I'm trying to create.

Perennial White Sweet Pea

 3. White Sweet Pea

I didn't grow this one from seed, but had to buy this plant from the garden centre.  This is a perennial sweet pea, which lacks the scent of the annual varieties, but has the advantage of coming back year after year without needing any attention other than coaxing it onto its support.

Malva moschata

4. White Mallow

This photo is of a group of Malva plants.  I did originally buy one or two of these but I now have many more as they self seed around.  They grow to about 50cm high and then loll around.  These have propped themselves up on a nearby Iceberg rose.

White Phlox

 5. White Phlox

These aren't a special variety, they were just purchased as White Phlox.  Behind them are Veronica longifolia Blue Shades.  I bought the Phlox because I had heard them described as having a lovely perfume, but sadly it doesn't do anything for me.


6. Penstemon

This Penstemon was grown from a packet of mixed colour seeds four years ago.  It has a pale pink edge to it which I think is very sweet.  The Penstemons have come through the winter outside without any losses, though I'm going to try taking cuttings of my favourites.  They didn't flower very well in the dry summer last year, but are doing much better this year.

On a recent episode of Gardeners World from Hampton Court Garden Festival, they discussed how 'white is very in now' .  I'm not sure white has ever been out of favour, just think of the famous White Garden at Sissinghurst, but it is true that many recent show gardens have had a naturalistic woodland theme, where white and green have been the key colour themes. Is white one of your favourites, and would you consider making a white garden?


  1. You've got so many beautiful white plants there. I find white a bit tricky in my garden as I like to grow bright hot colours and white is difficult to incorporate but I'm sorely tempted by the verbascum and the penstemon. Just lovely.

    1. Thanks Katharine. I think the verbascum is my favourite too.

  2. Lovely. Do you know, I dont think I have 6 white flowering plants in my garden. I must have a flamboyant streak in me somewhere.

    1. If you have a flamboyant streak then I think I must have a Puritan heart! Seriously though, I do love rich dark colours as well.


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